Wooden Teepee Poles in Lapoint, UT

Teepee Poles
Teepees are a common fixture throughout our region. Authentic setups utilize wooden teepee poles in Lapoint, Uintah County, and Vernal, UT, which means your poles are subject to wear each and every time you set them up or take them down. When time and wear take their toll on your teepee poles and you need new ones to replace the originals, come to Huberwoods. Our selection of poles includes perfect teepee pole replacements.

Unfinished Poles

All of the teepee poles in Utah are of the right size and length, sold unfinished to ensure you’re able to treat and finish them the way you desire for your teepee setup. They’re the approximate thickness and length for ideal teepee setup.

To utilize our wooden teepee poles to the fullest, simply peel the bark from them and finish them in whatever way is demanded by your application. Many people prefer to sand and smooth them, finishing with linseed oil to prefer the integrity of the wood over time.

Why Lodge?

Lodge makes for the perfect teepee poles because of their thickness, resilience and durability. When setting up teepees, these poles are easy to arrange and will stay in place staunchly as your teepee is erected. Many properly-cared-for lodge can weather consistent wear for a decade or more, making them the last option that’s cost-effective.

Why Wood Instead of Manufactured?

Wooden Teepee Poles
There are numerous manufactured teepee pole options out there, spanning a variety of different materials. We provide our customers with wood poles for a number of reasons. First, wood is authentic and stays true to original teepee construction. Second, wood is a far cheaper choice than many other manufactured materials. And finally, wood poles are easier to maintain and handle over heavier or bulkier pole options.

Wood Teepeee Poles

Whether you’re setting up commercial teepees or have a private interest in poles for your teepee, Huberwoods is ready to provide you with the wooden teepee poles you need. Contact us today at 435-790-3038 for more information about our offerings, which also include wooden lodgepoles, fence posts, and fence stays.