Why Hand-Cut Unprocessed Wood Is the Best for Fence Posts

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When it comes to installing fencing, you’ve got an almost dizzying array of options. However, without a doubt, the best material in terms of look, durability, customizability and long-term cost effectiveness is to use hand-cut unprocessed wood for your fence posting. Before you buy a metal fence kit, or go out and buy a bunch of pressure treated wood, let us tell you the unique benefits of unprocessed hand-cut wood for building wooden fence posts in Utah.

Best look of any fencing material

No material is as flexible as unprocessed wood. You can install the posting as is, still raw. You can cut the posting down to uniform size. You can strip the bark and let it dry. It’s really up to you. When you use unprocessed wood to build your fencing, you can make your fence look like it was built back in the homesteading days, or you can make your fence look new and modern. This makes it a great fencing material for pastures, gardens, residential yards and more.

Strong, and gets stronger with age

Raw wooden fence posts in Utah are extremely strong at their cores, and as they continue to dry, they only become stronger. So when you build your fence, it starts off strong, and then as it ages gracefully, it actually gets even stronger. The wood we use is not especially susceptible to rot or pests, so whatever upkeep the fence requires after installation should be minimal.


We briefly mentioned it before, but no material is more customizable than raw wood. If you’re a serious contractor, working with unprocessed wood is the best possible way to have total control over the look and feel of your fencing project. This is why so many of our customers are contractors. We provide the raw medium that gives them even greater control over their work.

Long-term cost effectiveness

Unprocessed wood provides the greatest long-term cost effectiveness because the wood is hard, if not impossible, to break—meaning you’ll rarely if ever have to replace large sections. And if you have livestock, it means you won’t have to wrangle them up when they push through your metal fence. The fence will also just last longer against the elements. An unprocessed wood fence, with the proper regular upkeep, can last a lifetime.

Find wooden fence posts in Utah

For over 11 years, Huberwoods has been providing hand-cut unprocessed wooden fence posts in Utah, as well as lodge poles, fence stays, firewood and teepee poles. Over that time, we’ve built a reputation for providing the best selection of the highest quality wood at the best prices around. Our products have been used by individuals and contractors the area over to build some of the most beautiful and resilient fences, lodges and teepees. All of our logs come with the bark still on, giving you total control over their look, feel and use. We have great relationships with local loggers and contractors. If you’re in business for yourself and looking for a supplier of wooden fence posts, or are an individual looking for wooden fence posts in Utah for your own project, please call us today to see how we can help.

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