Why Raw Wooden Fence Stays in Utah Are the Best

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Fence stays in Utah provide vertical stability to your fence in between the thicker vertical posts that are basically the backbone of your fence. The wooden fence stays help keep horizontal wiring or horizontal fence poles in place, keeping them from dropping, being bunched together or from being pushed or stretched out of place by large livestock. Fence stays are easier to replace than posts, and using a combination of stays and posts can help you have a fence that will last for years and that is, at the same time, extremely easy to perform maintenance on. This is good, as any fence, especially any fence that is used for livestock, will inevitably need upkeep now and then.

Custom fitting

The greatest benefit to raw wooden fencing is that it can be custom fit—which is why it is such a great choice for contractors and people who do custom work. If you’re building a fence to keep pests out, you can go with thinner wooden fence stays; if you’re building a fence to keep livestock in, you can go with thicker wooden fence stays in Utah. You can use thicker stays spread further apart, or thinner stays spaced more closely together.

Basically every other fencing option is designed to be uniform, so they look the same everywhere they are installed. You have to buy the same replacement parts, use specific wiring and ties, etc. But with raw wooden fence stays, you have total control over the look, feel and fit of your fencing.

Most durable

Raw wooden fence stays are as strong as they come. They don’t lean under pressure. They don’t allow wire to be stretched by livestock. And, as with raw wooden fence posts, your raw wooden fence stays will grow stronger and stronger as they dry out and age. Our raw wooden fence stays are resilient against rot and pests, too.

Sometimes one size does not fit all

There are numerous practical reasons why one-size-fits-all fencing solutions might not work for you. Your landscape demands various heights and thicknesses of posts in different areas—thicker for your livestock, thicker where your land approaches a cliff, thinner when you’re building a fence around your garden or are just trying to keep creatures out of your land. Raw wood fence posting and stays allow you to build only the fence you really need, nothing more and nothing less.

Find wooden fence stays in Utah

Huberwoods has been the premier provider of hand-cut raw wooden fence stays in Utah for over 11 years, and our owner has ties with the logging industry that go back more than two decades. We provide the best selection of raw wooden fencing stays and poles you’re ever likely to find, and we have some of the best prices around. If you want to build a fence like an expert, and have total control over the look and feel of the fence you build, give us a call today and see why we’re trusted by contractors, builders and anyone and everyone who really knows fencing.

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