What Type of Firewood in Utah Is Best?

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Building a crackling fire in your wood-burning fireplace on a cold winter’s evening is one of the best ways to stay nice and toasty. And on a more extreme level, building a roaring fire on a camping trip is the only way to stay comfortable at night. Knowing how to build a fire is essential, but did you know that the success of your fire has just as much to do with the type of wood you choose as it does your technique for building it? Your choice of firewood in Utah is crucial. Keep reading to find out which firewood is best for you and your next fire.

Heat value

When it comes to choosing wood, you always want to look at a particular firewood’s heat value—the wood’s equivalent to burning gallons of heating oil. Woods with a higher heat value will burn longer and hotter. A cord of wood with a high heat value has the equivalent of burning 200 to 250 gallons of fuel. A few of these woods include apple, American beech and red oak. American elm and black cherry are two of the medium heat value woods, which have the equivalent of burning 150 to 200 gallons of fuel. Low heat value woods include Aspen and hemlock. A cord of these low-value woods is equivalent to 100 to 150 gallons of heating oil. Talk to a firewood supplier to learn more about a particular firewood’s heat value!

Dry wood

You could have a cord of wood with the highest heat value, but if it’s damp, it won’t do any good. In fact, a good rule of thumb when it comes to firewood is “the drier, the better.” Be sure that you always store your firewood in a dry, covered area. If that’s not possible, be sure you cover your pile with a tarp to protect it from the elements.

Older wood

Never try to start a campfire with wood that’s recently been chopped down or is still green at all. Fresh, green wood will make a lot of smoke, but won’t produce enough heat to keep you warm and comfortable. Look for firewood that’s been aged and seasoned for a while. This wood is bound to be dry as a bone!

Store-bought wood

Foraging for your own wood can be kind of difficult and frustrating, and can be a huge waste of time if you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. The best way to pick out firewood is to go to a firewood supplier. A firewood supplier will have all of the wood you need to last you through the season (or for your next fire) at a reasonable cost.

Whichever firewood in Utah you choose for your fireplace or your next outdoor camping adventure, make sure you buy it from Huberwoods. Don’t risk buying your firewood from a gas station or outside of a grocery store. You never know if you’re getting the best quality firewood available! We have an extensive variety of firewood that will meet and exceed all of your expectations.

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