Fun Teepee Ideas for Kids: Great Uses for Teepee Poles in Utah

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Small teepees have become extremely popular items for children, especially for birthday and Christmas presents. We love hearing about all the fun, creative ways kids are playing with teepees in their play rooms, and have collected some of our favorites.

Here are some examples of activities you can arrange with your kids’ teepee poles in Utah:

  • Indoor campout: Have a “campout” just like you would in a tent outdoors. Set up sleeping bags, tell ghost stories and have s’mores (microwaved, most likely). This is an especially great idea in the middle of winter, to give you and your child a taste of summer. You might even set up twinkling Christmas lights along the ceiling to look like stars.
  • Make a circus: When kids see a teepee, they’ll often be quick to associate it with the big top tents at a circus. They likely already have a wide variety of stuffed animals, so bring them on into the tent and let your kid play ringmaster. If he or she has any toy trains, they can also be a great addition to the makeshift circus!
  • Make it a private reading nook: This is a great idea for kids who are just starting to read by themselves—or, if you can both fit inside, a way for you to share some cozy reading time together. By setting up a cozy, fun area that is specifically your child’s, you’ll encourage him or her to read alone more often and go through more and more books.
  • Playhouse: A teepee is a great area to turn into your child’s own little house. If he or she has toy cooking or other house items, or if you have old items from around the house that your kid can play with, you can set up the teepee like a miniature home that is entirely your child’s.
  • Turn it into an art studio: The teepee can quickly become a place for your kid to enjoy some arts and crafts! Put crayons, paper and a small table inside. You might even use a small toy easel to make it truly seem like an art studio designed for your kid. They’ll love having their own space to be creative and draw.
  • Make it a cozy spot: Maybe your child just wants a cozy, snuggly spot to relax. If you have problems getting your kid to nap in his or her bed or crib, having a specially set up teepee can make nap time feel a lot more fun and exciting, so pack it with plenty of pillows and blankets to make it as cozy and inviting as possible!

These are just a few examples of some of the most creative and popular ideas we’ve heard using kids’ indoor tents and teepees. If you have been considering getting one for your kid, these are all great ideas to help you get the most out of it. Contact us today for more info about teepee poles in Utah.

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