DIY Lodgepole End Table Instructions

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Are you interested in tackling a fun, relatively simple woodworking project? An end table is a great piece of furniture to make as a beginner, as it doesn’t require any ornate or detailed woodwork, but can still provide a wonderful, attractive finished product. When you create such a table using lodgepole logs, you’ll have an end table with a rustic appearance you simply would not be able to get with other types of woods, ideal for cabins, ranches or homes with rustic décor.

Here are some basic DIY lodgepole end table instructions you can try out the next time you’re interested in working with wood. You can get the logs you need from a wooden lodgepole supplier in Utah before you get started with the project!

  • Get the wood: Before you begin, you of course need to make sure you have the wood you need to get the project done. We recommend purchasing a big slab of stock ¾” lodgepole pine or ponderosa pine from a local supplier. A single large board will usually be enough to allow you to make the end table with wood left over for another project. For the legs, we recommend using simple fence posts—just make sure you sort through the pile and find posts that are pleasant looking that have unique features that will give your project that little extra “something.”
  • Crosscuts: As a way to add some symmetry to the table top, we strongly recommend making your crosscuts at the exact same angle as the sides of the board. This will look much more natural than a squared-off end cut would, and gives the finished piece much more character.
  • Table sides and drawer frame: Mortise the table sides and drawer frame into the legs. It can be a little challenging to cut a straight mortise into a round log, so you might need to make a jig to get this task done.
  • The jig: If you do opt to make a jig for mortising the table sides and drawer frame, you should make it at a diameter that matches the log legs. Put some rough-grit sandpaper on the concave surface to keep the log steady while cutting the mortise in your table saw. Once you’ve cut out the mortise slots, you can remove any remaining wood with a chisel.
  • Set the legs in place: You’ll find the mortise joint you use for this project is extremely sturdy. It might feel like overkill to use this kind of joinery for more rustic furniture, but the results will be worth the effort you put in, and it will make the wood you use seem even more elegant.
  • Sand and finish: Once you’ve got the table built, sand and finish it. Get the wood smooth and use your desired stain or finish to complete the job.

Looking for more information about how to create an end table out of lodgepole pine? We encourage you to contact Huberwoods and speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable lodgepole suppliers in Utah today.

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