Did You Know That Natural Wooden Lodgepoles in Utah Make Great Handrails?

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When was the last time you used a handrail? If it was a garden-variety handrail, you probably didn’t even take notice of it. These features are often taken for granted. They are simply a necessary tool for safety and assistance. But they don’t have to be—natural wooden lodgepoles in Utah can transform a utilitarian handrail into a charming and inviting feature of your property.

A host of styles and options are available to create something unique for your space. To get your creative juices flowing, consider the following ideas:

  • Porch steps: Make your entrance more inviting with a natural wood pole handrail. This rustic look will welcome guests with charm. Whether your front entry has one step or one hundred, natural wooden lodgepoles in Utah can provide the strength and style you want for your porch steps.
  • Decking rail: A deck can provide an inviting place to enjoy the outdoors at home. To complete your outdoor oasis, include railings made of natural pole handrails. Choose from a variety of widths, lengths and colors to create the deck you desire.
  • Bunk bed railing: To keep your child safely tucked into the upper bunk, use natural wood poles to great a handrail. This sturdy product also makes great ladders for accessing that top bunk.
  • Interior staircase: From silver birch to deep oak, your interior staircase can be greatly enhanced by a natural wood handrail. You’ll be amazed at how this beautiful piece of wood can transform the look of your interior.
  • Curved staircase: That’s right—natural wooden lodgepoles in Utah can be used for curved staircases, too. These dramatic features are made even more unique and attractive with the right natural wood pieces.
  • Loft railing: Does your home feature a loft? Whether your loft overlooks the family room or creates a soaring two-story foyer, it deserves a beautiful natural wood handrail. Bring added beauty to this focal point of your layout with wooden lodgepoles in Utah.
  • Open staircase: Staircases offer nearly limitless possibilities for incorporating wooden lodgepoles in Utah. Create an open-back staircase with long log slices for each tread. Create a beautiful handrail to complete the staircase.
  • Spindles: Don’t forget the rest of the railing. The handrail isn’t the only piece that can be made of natural wooden lodgepoles in Utah. Design an intricate webwork of branch-like spindles with natural wood pieces. Or, use carved pieces to add elegant designs for the spindles.
  • Room dividers: Want to separate adjoining spaces in your home? Does your layout feature step-down rooms? A natural wooden railing is the perfect feature to define each space and add appeal to your interior.

Get More Ideas

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