Natural Wood Lodgepoles in Utah Are Great for Home Décor, Too!

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With your creative juices flowing, there’s no limit to the incredible decorations you can make for your home. As you spruce up your living space with DIY projects, don’t overlook the many possibilities provided by lodgepoles in Utah.

These natural wood pieces are ideal for making home decorations of all types and sizes. Consider the following top 10 ideas for your next wood project:

  • Coat rack: Finish the wood with your favorite stain, then add a few hooks to match your interior theme. Place your horizontal coat hook on a wall near your entry for a charming, rustic place to hang your winter wear.
  • Coasters: Avoid table rings with tree rings! Create unique coasters with slices of natural wood. The beautiful rings, intricate designs and rugged exterior make these a charming piece to both protect your furniture and delight your guests.
  • Mobile: What’s that charming piece hanging above the baby’s crib? It’s a lodgepole in Utah. Attach cute, engaging objects to a natural wood pole that you can hang in the baby’s room to create a delightful mobile.
  • Candles: Hollow out small logs to create the perfect place for candles. Choose three slightly different sized pieces to assemble a set of candles that can provide a unique centerpiece or welcoming foyer display.
  • Wood slice wall décor: Wood slices of various sizes offer endless possibilities for wall décor. Attach photos, paint them, add text or even create a clock.
  • Seating: Want a rustic seat for your lodge themed space? Looking for a simple seating option for your porch? Lodgepoles in Utah are perfect. Choose a large piece and cut it to the height you desire. Add a cushion to the top for an instant stool or footrest.
  • End tables: Who says tables have to be purchased at the furniture store? Get creative and make your own out of lodgepoles in Utah. Choose a thick slice of bark-coated lumber, add legs and voila! You have an attractive and unique end table for any room of the house.
  • Vases: Provide a natural container for your flowers. A hollowed, bark-covered pole can create a vase of any size or height to proudly display your blooms year-round.
  • Handrail: Sure, you can use a standard, generic handrail for your staircase, but then you would be missing out on all the charm and character a lodgepole in Utah has to offer. Stain it with a finish to match your style and attach it to your staircase for an inviting touch to your interior.
  • Serving trays: Remember those wood slices you hung on your wall? Find a larger one and use it as a serving tray. Guests will marvel at your creative hospitality.

Start Decorating

Where can you find all your supplies to decorate your surroundings with lodgepoles in Utah? Huberwoods is your ideal source. Our wood yard carries teepee poles, trail poles, furniture logs, posts and flower pots made of logs. We have all the wood materials you would need for your building project. We also deliver up to 300 miles for your convenience. Reach out to our team today with any questions.

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