Making Art with Logs

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Logs aren’t just commonly used for practical woodworking and construction applications—they can also be used for more artistic purposes. As a small log supplier in Utah, we have worked with many customers who purchase logs specifically for art projects they have in mind. By exercising your creativity, you can figure out a wide variety of cool, unique ways to repurpose wooden logs and stumps into art pieces, furniture, flower pots and so much more.

Here are just a few examples of some of the most unique and creative ideas we’ve come across for using logs in artwork.

  • Flower pots and planters: One of our favorite ideas we’ve seen for use in landscaping or for beautifying patios is to turn logs into flower pots or planters. You might lie a log down horizontally and cut a section out to use as a long planter for some flowers, or you could cut off a section of log and hollow part of it out to stand up and use as a smaller flower pot. Either way, this provides you with a natural and beautiful way of displaying flowers on your property.
  • End tables: If you’ve got a log from a meaningful tree on your property that you had to cut down, you could cut a section of the log, remove the bark, sand it down and finish it with some oil and sealant and use it as an end table in your home. It’s a relatively simple project that will look great and have some sentimental meaning and value to you.
  • Stool: In much the same way that you use a log to create an end table, you could follow the same steps to create a stool instead. We’ve seen some people add leather padding to the top of a log to create a comfortable stool that looks great and adds some rustic beauty into their home. You could also take a log cutting and use that as a stool top and add some legs underneath.
  • Candle holders: If you have some smaller and thinner logs that you’re wondering what you can use them for, you might consider drilling out a hole in one of the ends of the log and placing a candle inside. You can experiment with branches and logs of different trees—the type of bark they have can create different looks.
  • Bookshelf: If you’re interested in creating a rustic design for a bookshelf, you can use split log halves as the sides of the shelf, while holding some live-edge shelving in place down the middle. This is an especially great idea for up-north cabin homes.
  • Birdhouse: You could get creative with your log and carve it out in such a way that makes for an ideal birdhouse on your property.

These are just a few examples of some of the ways you can use logs as art projects. For more tips and ideas, contact Huberwoods to speak with an experienced small log supplier in Utah. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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