Should a Fence Stay Be Repaired or Replaced?

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Try as you might, your fence won’t last forever, and this is particularly true for wooden fence stays in Utah. You have two choices when your fence stays break or begin to fall apart: you can either repair them or replace them. This post will help you decide when it’s best to fix it or when you should just buy a new one.

When to repair

Let’s start out with repairs. Here are a couple of examples of when repairing wooden fence stays in Utah is your best bet:

  • If damages are minor or cosmetic: There’s certainly no reason to replace your fence stays if there’s only some slight damage. If the fence still functions properly, we recommend just fixing it instead of replacing the whole thing.
  • If it looks like a quick fix: Estimate how long it’ll take to fix the fence stays. If the damage isn’t severe, it probably won’t take long, which means repairs are your best bet. Replacement can take a while, especially if you need to first go out and buy all new wood.
  • If you want to save money: Making repairs will often be much less expensive than replacing your fence stays. This is especially true if you’re able to make the repairs yourself. Make sure you shop around and get the best deal on your wood before you begin to make those repairs!

When to replace

If a fence stay is broken and you don’t want to repair it, you’d better have it replaced! These are times when replacing the fence stay is a better option than repair:

  • If the fence is old: As mentioned above, your fence won’t last forever. There will come a time when it’ll need to be replaced. If there’s any damage to your fence stays, you might want to think about biting the bullet and replacing them instead of fixing old fence stays.
  • If the whole fence is damaged: Often, it’s not just the fence stays that are damaged. If multiple parts of the fence are broken, it makes a lot more sense to go ahead and replace everything. You’ll save tons of time (and maybe even some money) by replacing everything at once instead of making repairs time and time again.
  • If the damage is severe: Even the most skilled craftsman can’t fix everything. If the damage is really bad, you may have to replace the stays instead of repairing them.

Maintenance is key

The best way to avoid dealing with any of the scenarios above is to take good care of your wooden fence! When it comes to wooden fence maintenance, your number one priority should be to stain or seal the lumber annually or every other year. Though this obviously won’t protect your fence from freak accidents, it will help to keep Mother Nature at bay!

If you’re planning on replacing your wooden fence stays in Utah, be sure to shop at Huberwoods. We have a wide selection of stays to meet all of your needs and a friendly staff that’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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