How to Deconstruct a Teepee

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Whether you have been staying in a teepee on a short-term basis or you currently live in a teepee and are moving into a different type of structure, you need to know how to properly deconstruct your teepee to keep it in good condition and avoid breaking your wooden teepee poles in Utah. While it can be challenging to deconstruct a teepee, you can do it as long as you follow some helpful disassembly tips and tricks.

Teepee deconstruction steps

When you’re deconstructing your teepee, you should make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the project as carefully as possible. If you try to rush through teepee deconstruction, you are more likely to deal with issues, damage and complications that require material replacement. Take time to inspect your canvas and wooden teepee poles in Utah as you deconstruct your teepee so that you can determine whether you need to replace anything before you put your teepee up again.

Here’s a closer look at the process of taking down your teepee:

  • Remove the door: The first thing you should do when you’re deconstructing your teepee is remove the door. When you remove the door, lay it out in a dry area, preferably in the sun, so that it can dry out completely before you store it.
  • Remove smoke flap poles: Next, carefully remove the smoke flap poles and place them on the ground. It’s a good idea to do this with the help of a friend or family member so that you can avoid being injured by wayward poles.
  • Remove pegs: After removing the poles, you can go around the circumference of your teepee and remove the pegs. Depending on how long the pegs have been in the ground, you might need to put some extra effort into removing them.
  • Remove laving pins: Take the laving pins out of your teepee canvas so that you can loosen the canvas and prepare to take down the teepee poles.
  • Fold the teepee on the poles: Carefully fold the canvas up on the teepee poles. Get a friend to stand by in case you need some extra help getting the teepee folded up onto the poles.
  • Lower the lifting pole and the teepee: After folding up the teepee on the poles, you can lower the lifting pole and the teepee.
  • Untie teepee from lifting pole: Next, untie the canvas teepee from the lifting pole and lay it out flat in a dry, sunny area where it can dry out. As the canvas dries out, inspect your teepee and check for any holes in the material or patches of mold and mildew. Any damage should be repaired before you store your teepee. Storing a damaged teepee will only cause the damage to worsen while it’s not in use.

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