What Wood Burns the Longest as Firewood?

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All firewood in Utah is not created equal, and if you don’t select the right type, you could spend the majority of the time you should be devoting to enjoying the fire simply trying to keep it going. Follow along with this guide to learn about nine different types of slow-burning firewood that will help you create the perfect fire:

  • Hickory: Hickory firewood is well known for producing a significant amount of heat with its high British Thermal Unit (BTU) yield. Even if you aren’t using your fireplace to stay warm right now, because of this wood’s popularity, it is a good idea to stock up during the warmer months so you’ll be ready for fall and winter.
  • Beech: If you use a wood stove to heat your home, or if the primary use of your fireplace is to generate heat, beech wood is a great choice. In fact, just one cord could produce the equivalent of up to 250 gallons of fuel.
  • Black locust: Although firewood from black locust trees is harder to find, it is well worth the search. With a BTU output that rivals that of hickory, this firewood is both dense and durable, creating a nice long burn that requires less attention.
  • Apple: When sufficiently dried, apple wood burns very slowly. This wood emits a pleasant, fragrant smell when burned, and is ideal for those who like to cook over an open fire.
  • Pine: Pine is another fragrant wood that works particularly well for outdoor fires or fire pits. The pleasant aroma will remind you of Christmas, while the fire keeps you warm during those brisk summer nights.
  • Oak: One of the best features of oak wood is that it is readily available. When well seasoned, this type of wood will create a relaxing, slow-burning fire.
  • Hawthorn: Hawthorn trees produce an efficient combination of slow-burning, heat-generating wood, making it a great choice for your winter firewood.
  • Walnut: As a hardwood, walnut naturally has high levels of durability and density. That means you can expect a slow burn that requires less of your attention to maintain. As an added bonus, walnut wood also has a minimal smoke output when burning.
  • Yew: Yew is another type of wood that puts off a robust amount of heat while it is burning slow and steady. With yew wood, you will also get a sweet and festive fragrance, making it a great choice when you want to cuddle around a cozy fireplace.

With more than a decade of experience, you can rely on the knowledgeable team at Huberwoods to help you find the best wood for your fire. Whether you are fueling a high-efficiency appliance or you simply want to be able to create lasting fires that your family and friends can sit around and enjoy all night long, we have the best selection of firewood in Utah to suit any purpose. Give us a call or pay us a visit and come stock up today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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