Reasons to Consider the Idea of Modern Tipi Living in Utah

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When someone says “let’s go camping,” the first thing that enters your mind is probably sleeping in a tent or in a sleeping bag out in the open. There are also the folks who are willing to camp, but only if “camping” means setting up camp inside an RV or hotel room. Then there are people who take the road less traveled (at least comparatively), and insist on simple tipi structures. Can you actually live in a tipi, though? Well, if history is any indication, yes, you can. Today, people set up tipis in backyards, campgrounds and wilderness sites just like they would a regular tent.

The original tipis provided shelter to native tribes in North America, and they are still simple housing units built from log poles and various materials for the covering. Back then it was buffalo hides, but today natural and weather-safe manmade fabrics are popular. But can you actually live in a tipi? While you can, don’t expect it to be like living in a house. Keep in mind that the only thing between you and the elements is a wall of canvas or other material. You will hear, feel and smell the outdoors every day, all year long. Ultimately, it would be quite the challenge, and most people won’t be up to it.

However, it’s not impossible to thrive for a while, or at least over a weekend. Here are some of the reasons to consider modern tipi living in Utah.

Portable dwelling

The tipis of today are built to meet the individual needs of the user. You can have a tipi built specifically for portability, whether just for you or for your family of five. For an individual or family, the key is to build a dwelling that can accommodate the number of people that will be sleeping inside, all while being portable enough to transport easily. The wooden poles have weight, but the natural and synthetic fibers used by tipi manufacturers are typically woven specifically for tipi use to ensure they are lightweight, UV-resistant and weather-resistant.

Comfortable inside environment

The inside of a correctly constructed tipi will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as long as the fabric is designed for the season. When building an indoor stove for your tipi, be sure of accurate placement of smoke flaps to circulate smoke out and allow fresh air in. Also, for safety and comfort, have an entryway that seals up tight.

Simple living

You’ll need to follow campground or county regulations regarding tipi use, just like with tent camping or living. Other than that, the simplicity of living in a tipi offers users a simple way of life. You’ll become more tuned into the environment, and will even start sleeping and waking according to the rising and setting of the sun. A tipi that’s the right size for your needs will hold people, food and necessities, and provide room for storing your belongings.

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