Understanding the Importance of Using Seasoned Firewood in Utah

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Think for a moment about some of the characteristics of an enjoyable night spent around the fireplace. You’re likely picturing a relaxing fire that burns slowly and generates a comforting warmth on chilly nights. In order to create such a night, however, you will need a certain type of wood, or you might find yourself spending more time keeping the fire going than actually enjoying it. Read on to learn about the type of firewood in Utah you will need for the perfect night.

What is seasoned firewood?

In order to receive the necessary nutrients, fresh wood is filled with both free water and water molecules that line the cell walls. After a tree has been felled, the free water begins to evaporate, until eventually there is about 30 percent moisture content left in the tree. From there, the drying process continues as the water begins to leave the cell walls, until the remaining amount of moisture is under 20 percent.

When the moisture content drops below this number, the wood is considered to be seasoned, and dry enough to be used as firewood or fuel for high-efficiency appliances. To ensure a burn that is slow, steady and generates ample heat, it is recommended that firewood be seasoned for a minimum of six months to a year, with certain types of wood needing up to two years to fully dry out.

The importance of seasoned wood

When wood has not been dried thoroughly, it will be particularly difficult to light, and even harder to keep the fire alive once you do get it going. In addition to creating an uninspiring fire, unseasoned wood is also a poor match for the wood-burning appliances in your home. Because the heat and energy produced by the burning wood will be diverted to dry the excess moisture, your energy-efficient furnace or stove will struggle to maintain the level of efficiency that you purchased it for in the first place.

The troubles with burning moist wood don’t end there, as a foul-smelling, gray-blue smoke that could permeate your home usually accompanies burning fresh wood. Because the creosote and tar typically don’t burn out when the wood is not seasoned properly, they will end up lining the insides of your chimney. Even worse, mold could eventually set in, rendering your entire pile of wood useless once it begins to spread.

In addition to causing potential smoke damage to your fireplace and chimney, fresh wood can make the time you spend around the fire much less enjoyable than it could otherwise be. Whether you like to buy firewood in Utah that is already seasoned or you prefer to dry it yourself at home, it’s clear just how important it is to use the right kind of wood for your fireplace and high-efficiency appliances.

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