Tips on Keeping Your Tipi Warm in the Winter

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Tipis are ancient forms of housing and community space used by some indigenous American nations for centuries. Today, people use tipis for a wide range of reasons, including as a space to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature, as art studios or even as a secondary residence.

Tipis, like yurts, are enjoying a sense of renewed popularity. Tipis are relatively cost-effective compared to yurts, however, because they have a much simpler structure that requires less timber and labor to construct.

If you’re planning on spending any amount of time in your tipi this winter, however, you’re likely wondering how you should plan to keep your tipi warm in winter in Utah. After all, the Rocky Mountains aren’t known for their mild climate! You’ll have to work hard to keep your tipi comfortable, whether you’re using it as a living space or as a creative escape from the modern world.

Here are just some of the ways that you can stay warm in your tipi this winter, and enjoy tipi winter living in Utah:

  • Electric or gas heaters: If you’re going to keep your tipi near a source of electricity, you might consider purchasing electric heaters to keep inside your tipi. The heater should be kept away from the walls of the tipi, so as to prevent potential fire hazards. Gas heaters designed for indoor use may also be an option.
  • Central fire places: Wood-burning stoves with chimneys that vent out the top are another resource that you can use to keep your tipi warm and comfortable throughout the entirety of the winter. Make sure that you’re using a stove designed or safe for use in a yurt or tipi.
  • Hot, warming drinks: Drinks like coffee, tea, cocoa, mulled wine and spiced cider are all perfectly suited for keeping you comfortable, even when the temperatures outside dip below freezing. Drinking warm beverages will help you maintain a certain level of internal comfort, even if the air inside your tipi is below ideal temperatures.
  • Insulating the inside: You should also attempt to insulate the inside of your tipi, particularly in areas where you’ll be spending time or sleeping. For example, you might want to drape blankets or tapestries over your bed frame, so as to minimize heat loss during the night.

Since 2006, Huberwoods has been a trusted provider of lodgepoles and tipi poles in Utah. We’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality timber products they can rely on throughout the seasons.

If you’re looking for someone to assist you with identifying ways to keep your tipi warm in winter in Utah, reach out to the experts at Huberwoods. We’re a logging contractor with the expertise and experience necessary to help you produce the exact timber products you need to enjoy your tipi throughout the year. We’re proud to support clients experimenting with tipi winter living in Utah, and are happy to help our customers identify ways in which they can keep their alternative living spaces warm and comfortable throughout the season.

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