Tips for Storing Your Firewood This Winter

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There’s nothing quite like a roaring wood fire to take the edge off an ice-cold Utah winter. Homeowners fortunate enough to have access to a wood-burning stove or fireplace understand how valuable they can be. Not only can a wood-powered stove or fireplace heat your home more comfortably than gas or electric alternatives, but they’re cheaper to run, too.

Of course, if you’re not correctly storing firewood for the winter in Utah, then you could be negating the benefits of your wood-burning stove or fireplace.

Why is it important to correctly store firewood?

If you leave your firewood exposed to the brutality that a Utah winter can unleash, then you’ll undoubtedly find yourself with a sopping pile of damp wood. Wood that’s damp or wet is difficult or outright impossible to light when the time comes to burn a fire. That’s why it’s so crucial to ensure that you are correctly storing firewood for the winter in Utah.

A woodshed is vital

The bulk of your woodpile should be housed outside your home in a woodshed, which is the top winter firewood storage option in Utah. Ideally, your shed will also allow your woodpile to be elevated off the ground to allow air to flow freely. Wood kept up off the ground in a woodshed will remain dry and seasoned throughout the year.

You should also make sure that your woodshed is located in a convenient spot. When snow is falling and the temperature drops to frigid temperatures, you’re not going to want to take a long walk to your woodshed.

Be careful bringing too much wood inside

Just about every woodpile on the planet doubles as a home for spiders and bugs—it’s almost inevitable. As a result, you’ll want to be careful about how much wood you’re bringing inside at once.

It’s fine to keep a few pieces near your stove. That said, if you store a lot of wood inside for an extended period, you could leave your home vulnerable to destructive pests like termites.

Use old wood first

If you have some wood left over from last winter, make sure to use all of it up before you start burning new wood. This will help keep your woodpile from growing stagnant and allowing the growth and spread of harmful bugs.

Don’t put insecticide on your firewood

It’s only harmful to want to keep your home free of the insects that accompany a pile of wood, but don’t spray insecticide directly on your wood. It can seep into the grain and, when burned, it can emit fumes that are harmful to your family and pets.

Count on the best

Figuring out good winter firewood storage options in Utah is easiest when you start with top-quality wood. In Utah, that means Huberwoods. We take immense pride in offering the state’s best firewood to a huge swath of customers. If you’re in range of Lapoint, the odds are good we’ll be able to deliver to you!

When you need excellent customer service and first-rate materials, count on Huberwoods. Call us today. We can’t wait to talk to you.

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