What Is the Lifespan of a Tipi?

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Few ancient dwellings remain as relevant in modern society as the tipi, the home of choice for nomadic Native Americans for centuries. Tipis still hold a vaunted place among Native American peoples. However, they’ve also become popular around the world because of their portability and inherent comfort. With all those benefits, the average camper may wonder what is the lifespan of a tipi in Utah. The answer may surprise you.

The history of the tipi

Though the date of the invention of the tipi is a mystery, historians do know that these flexible dwellings have been a mainstay of native peoples in North America since the 1500s, when horses were used as the primary means of transportation.

Not only did tipis serve as the primary home for tribes of Native American peoples, but, once broken down, they could also be latched to a horse and used as a makeshift cart to carry a family’s belongings.

The functional beauty of a tipi

Most people are familiar with the traditional conical shape of a tipi. The setup is relatively simple, as well. A set of tall sticks, called lodgepoles, is spread in a circular shape. Once the frame of the tipi is erected, a specialized wrap encircles the base.

In the winter, a fire can be burned inside a tipi without fear of the structure being set ablaze. In the summer, the wrap can be pulled back at various parts to ensure that, whichever way the breeze is blowing, it’s blowing through your tipi.

The general design and function of the tipi have changed little since they were initially built. It’s a testament to the innate ingenuity of the structure.

Uses for a modern tipi

In recent years, modern tipis have seen tremendous improvements to their design, making them ideal for fun dwellings in any weather or environment. A smaller tipi can be built in your backyard to provide years of fun for your kids, while a bigger tipi makes an ideal getaway for weekends in nature.

A permanent tipi can even be used as a dwelling throughout the year. Depending on the level of customization, even a top-notch tipi can be put up in just a few hours. What is the average tipi lifespan in Utah? If it’s well made, the answer is around 15 years. Of course, that all depends on your supplier.

The heart of a tipi

Though there are several different parts to a tipi, the most important is the lodgepoles, the logs on which the wrap is spread. High-quality lodgepoles can have a massive impact on the life of your tipi. What is the lifespan of a tipi in Utah? When you purchase your top-quality lodgepoles at Huberwoods, you can be guaranteed years of fun in your new tipi.

At Huberwoods, we’re proud to carry a huge supply of tipi poles alongside a massive selection of fence posts, trail poles, furniture logs and flower pots made from logs. You deserve the best—you deserve Huberwoods. Call today.

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