Essential Items for a Bug Out Bag

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If there is anything the last few weeks have shown us, it’s that staying prepared for emergency situations at all times is imperative. In addition to providing you with the tools you and your family may need for survival, a well-maintained Bug Out Bag can provide you with the peace of mind you need to remain calm under pressure, which can go a long way when navigating troubling situations. Here is a list of just a few essential Bug Out Bag items in Utah to help ensure your bag is practical, well stocked and just what you need during an emergency:

  • Water: Clean water is without question the most important item to include in your Bug Out Bag. Plan to have enough water for each person to drink at least one liter per day, and keep enough receptacles on hand for drinking. You likely won’t be able to take your complete water filtration system with you in an emergency, so be sure to add portable filtration systems and purification tablets to your bag as well.
  • Food: You will need to make sure you have, at the very least, a three-day supply of food that can be rationed out. Your bag should be stocked with a variety of non-perishable foods, as well as a set of metal cookware and portable stove. Also stock up on easy-to-eat and convenient sources of protein, like energy bars and dehydrated meals.
  • Clothing: It can also be helpful to tailor your Bug Out Bag for the season, and checking in to rotate the supplies every six months is recommended. You wouldn’t want heavy coats and winter clothing taking up unnecessary space in your bag during the middle of the summer, and you don’t want to get caught without enough layers during the winter.
  • Sleep: Remaining mentally sharp during emergencies is critical, and the importance of a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated in this pursuit. While you may be thrifty enough to create a sleeping area out of leaves or tarp, including a lightweight tent, sleeping bag and wool blanket so you and your family stay well rested can go a long way during tough times.
  • Personal hygiene: One commonly overlooked area of Bug Out Bag preparation is hygiene. Neglecting good cleaning habits, particularly if one is infected or has fallen ill, could actually lead to a rapid deterioration of health. All-purpose soap and small towels, along with wet wipes and hand sanitizer, should be included to help keep everyone as clean and healthy as possible.

While this list of essential items for your Bug Out Bag in Utah will help you get started, you will have to customize the supplies you include based on your family’s needs, as there are many other items that can be included depending on what’s most important for your household. Our team at Huberwoods is committed to remaining available when you need us most, and whether you need durable lodge poles to construct a teepee shelter, or firewood to keep your family warm at night, we are here to help you navigate difficult times. Give us a call to learn about the unique ways we can help keep your Bug Out Bag stocked.

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