What Wood Should You Use to Build a Fence?

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Wooden fences are frequent additions to homes to provide extra privacy, security and noise/wind reduction. When properly designed and installed, they can also add to a home’s curb appeal, raising the property value.

If you want to get the longest-lasting service out of your fence combined with the most aesthetically-pleasing appearance, it’s important you know what wood to use to build a fence in Utah. Some issues you’ll want to consider include:

  • Region: Where do you live? Your local climate is important to consider. Do you get a lot of rain, or is it mostly dry throughout the year? Do you experience extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum? To what degree does the temperature fluctuate throughout the year? It’s important to select the proper wood for your climate so you can prevent decay in the fence.
  • Insects: Do you have a lot of insects in the area that are likely to bore into the wood? If so, it’s important to select a wood species that is capable of standing up to potential infestation.
  • Budget: There are some types of woods that are more expensive than others, but it’s important to note that quality wood will last longer and require fewer repairs than cheap wood. In many cases, the more expensive wood is worth the long-term investment.

Types of wood to consider

With all this in mind, you’re probably wondering what wood to use to build a fence in Utah. Here are a few examples for you to research as you decide what kind of fence you’ll build.

  • Cedar: Cedar is a bit more expensive than some other common options, but it requires little in the way of maintenance. The wood is naturally resistant to insects and rot, it smells great when freshly cut and it maintains an aesthetically-pleasing appearance long after it’s installed.
  • Pine: Pine is another common option because it is inexpensive but still capable of lasting a long time if properly maintained. Because it’s a softer wood, it’s easy to work with. It also resists shrinkage, which is an important quality to have in fence wood.
  • Redwood: In certain parts of the country, redwood is a common fencing choice as well. It has natural insect resistance and will last for many years. It is similar in price to cedar, but it has a different appearance, so a lot of times the choice between redwood and cedar will mostly come down to personal aesthetic preference.
  • Cypress: Another more regional option, cypress is a popular alternative to cedar because of its insect resistance and similarity in price. It usually has very few knots, which makes it a very workable wood, and like cedar, it has a very nice aroma when cut.

In any circumstance, it’s important to treat the fence with weatherproofing solutions to protect against moisture, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet rays. You should make sure you clean the fence regularly to keep away debris and maintain its appearance. For more information about choosing the best wood to build a fence in Utah, contact Huberwoods today.

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