What Wood Is Most Durable for Construction?

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No matter what type of construction project you may be tackling, whether you’re building a new deck or working on a few DIY tasks around the house, the quality of your project will only be as strong as the materials you use. That makes it all the more important to find the right wood for your project, and figuring out what makes for good wood for construction in Utah is the best place to start. Your local logging specialists are here with a guide to help you learn a little bit more about how wood is classified so you can determine what type of wood is best for your next project.

Lumber versus timber

Wood is incredibly versatile, and can be cut and formed into many different shapes and sizes for a wide range of structures. All pieces of wood that are smaller than 5’ wide by 5’ thick are referred to as lumber, and are usually cut and sawed to fit specific measurements. All pieces of wood larger than this size are classified as timber, with pieces that are larger than 8’ wide by 8’ thick universally known as beams. These pieces are commonly used to construct the frame for larger structures, such as buildings, bridges and support beams for utility poles.


The density of hardwoods can make them somewhat more difficult to work with, but it also provides a durability and increased heat resistance that makes these types of wood most useful for long-lasting construction. As a result, this type of wood is typically used for furnishing, moldings, flooring and interior carpentry. As hardwoods contain more intricate design patterns, they are also the top choice for special woodworking projects. Oak, maple, and teak are among the most well-known types of hardwood trees.


Because softwoods are cheaper and comparatively easier to work with, they are often used in a wider range of applications. Found in many different types of building components, softwoods are frequently used to construct windows, doors and fiberboard, and are also the choice for Christmas trees and paper. Softwoods also have a faster growth rate, which means they are more bountiful than hardwoods, resulting in about 80 percent of all timber being made with softwood trees. The most common types of softwood trees include pine, hickory, birch and cedar.

For help determining which type of wood is best for your particular project, make sure to give us a call at Huberwoods. With more than a decade of experience helping customers find the most durable wood in Utah for construction projects of all kinds, you can rely on our knowledgeable team to make sure you have exactly what you need to take your project to the next level, no matter what you may be working on. When you are in need of good wood for construction so your project is durable, long lasting and aesthetically appealing, give us a call so we can help you get started right away. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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