Tips for Fence Stay Maintenance

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Have you recently installed a new wooden fence on your property? When well maintained, wooden fences look beautiful and can last years. Wood is sturdy and durable, but it’s also prone to rot and fading. To keep your building’s curb appeal, you’ll need to keep a few tips and tricks in mind. Read on to learn how to maintain your wooden fence stays in Utah:

  • Clean your fence regularly: Your fence will gather dirt, dust and debris over time, which makes it look dingy and dated. Wash your fence two to three times per year to keep it looking fresh. You can use a power washer, oxygenated bleach or even a hose and wire brush to scrub the wood.
  • Refinish every two years: Whether your fence is sealed, painted or stained, plan on refinishing it every couple of years. This helps protect the wood from rot, breakage and warping so it’ll look fresh (and you’ll avoid repairs).
  • Avoid sprinklers: Wood rots, so make sure to point your sprinklers away from your fence whenever possible. A little water won’t hurt, but if you’re regularly dousing the wood, it will be much more prone to mold, mildew and rot.
  • Don’t plant vines near your fence: Plants thrive on moisture, so planting vines near your wooden fence is a bad idea. The vines will trap moisture near the wood and can attract burrowing insects. If you need to plant vines near the fence, try to at least ensure that they’re not touching.
  • Keep your grill away: Grills generate heat, which will damage and scar your wooden fence. When using or storing your grill, keep it away from your fence.
  • Don’t hang items from your fence: Hanging baskets and décor look great, but they can also damage your fence if they’re too heavy. Heavy objects cause warping. If you must hang items, make sure they’re as lightweight as possible.
  • Keep up with your maintenance: Most importantly, make sure that you check your fence regularly and address any problems right away. The sooner you catch an issue with warping, rotting, broken posts and more, the less likely it will be to affect other fence stays.

Caring for your wooden fence will help it last longer, while ensuring it looks just as beautiful as the day it was installed. It takes some extra time and effort, but the results will be well worth it. The more you stay on top of your fence maintenance, the easier and faster it will go—and if you sell your property, you’ll be able to command a higher price thanks to the great curb appeal provided by an attractive, well-kept fence.

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