Furniture Ideas Made from Recycled Natural Wood

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When it comes to upcycling, your imagination’s the limit for what furniture can be made from natural wood. Aspiring woodworkers in Utah can build natural wood furniture with scraps that have long been abandoned by other people. Here are some ideas for transforming junkyard or thrift shop finds into a masterpiece you’ll cherish forever.

Wooden pallet coffee tables

One easy way to give wooden pallets renewed life is by transforming them into coffee tables. Pallets are frequently used for carrying goods in storage rooms and warehouses. When they’re taken out of commission, see if you can get your hands on a couple of them. Making a coffee table with them is simple—stack two or three and lay a glass pane on top. This natural wood furniture idea is great for beginners and makes a unique conversation starter.

Refurbished counters or tabletops

Complement your living space with a scrap of wood made new again. Old pieces of furniture made from natural wood collect impurities with age, which gives them a one-of-a-kind look. Polish an old tabletop and fasten on some legs from other recycled pieces. Dismantle natural wood furniture and rebuild it as something completely different!

Benches turned into nightstands

When you’re looking to reuse old pieces of furniture, think outside the box. Furniture doesn’t have to serve its original purpose. For instance, creative woodworkers have reimagined benches as nightstands by cutting them in half and placing one piece on either side of the bed. This allows homeowners to adapt conventional pieces of wooden furniture to unconventional or limited interior designs. Before throwing away a bench you don’t need anymore, ask yourself what furniture can be made from all that natural wood.

Multicolored wall panels

Spruce up the walls of your home with wooden planks in a variety of paint colors. From abandoned tool sheds to demolished picket fences, you can easily repurpose wooden planks into wall panels. Chipped and faded paint jobs on wood introduce a rustic, old-fashioned charm to your living room. Pick out monochromatic whites, or mix bold colors to create a fun accent wall. Whatever your style, wooden planks will add a bit of farmhouse chic to your modern Utah home.

Barrels reimagined as side tables

Not everyone has to be a master carpenter to upcycle wooden furniture. Sometimes, all that’s needed is to dust off an old barrel and set it down as your new side table. While other projects involve dismantling old pieces of furniture, you can choose to keep wooden objects fully intact. Instead of building a new side table from scratch, use existing pieces beyond their intended purposes. Once you sand the rough edges, any piece is ready to be used as something entirely new.

While sifting through old furniture, you won’t always find the pieces you’re looking for. That’s why Huberwoods supplies homeowners in Utah with versatile pieces of wood suitable for any woodworking project. Stop by our lumber yard today and share your creative furniture ideas with us—we look forward to seeing you!

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