What Type of Twine Should Be Used When Building a Tipi?

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Whether big or small, building a tipi is a fun DIY project for kids and parents alike. On top of being a fairly easy build process, tipis require very few materials. In fact, all you need is wood for the poles, some kind of covering for the exterior and some twine to hold it all together.

There are many different types of twine on the market, and knowing the best string to use when building a tipi in Utah isn’t always straightforward. Continue reading to learn a few qualities to look for in a good tipi string:

  • Easy to work with: The first thing you’ll want to look for in your string is something that’s easy to work with. Any string that’s difficult to cut can turn what should be a leisurely family project into a nightmare. Heavy-duty packaging twine can be cut with scissors, and it comes in a convenient ball that’s easy to unwind. Additionally, it’s biodegradable and eco-friendly.
  • Weather resistance: Rain, sleet, snow, wind and other natural forces are your tipi’s greatest enemy. Although your tipi poles may be able to withstand Mother Nature, weak string will not. Be sure your string is tough enough to resist the elements. Although it’s mainly used for indoor decorative purposes, baker’s twine is sturdy and nearly impossible to break. Any string made of nylon should also pass the strength test.
  • Durability: You’ll want your tipi to last a while out in your backyard or garden. Along with battling Mother Nature, your string will also need to stand the test of time. Avoid any twine made only of all-natural fibers, as these will degrade with time and exposure. The string to use to build a tipi in Utah should be either entirely nylon or contain nylon fibers.

Be sure to buy additional string

It’s never a bad idea to buy more string or twine than you think you’ll need. The more string you use to build a tipi in Utah, the better! Here are a few reasons to buy extra twine:

  • Reinforcements: Too little twine won’t get the job done—your tipi could collapse before you’re even finished building it! Reinforce your poles with excess string to ensure the structure will stand up straight and be able to withstand any wind or other elements.
  • Project mishaps: Projects like building a tipi don’t always go as planned, even for those who have done them several times. Expect the unexpected and buy a few extra rolls of twine. After all, it’s not an expensive product, and having more on hand won’t hurt.

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