Aging-in-Place Remodeling Ideas Using Natural Wood

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Multigenerational living has started to make a return to popularity in Utah, largely due to necessity. Surging costs of college education combined with stagnant low wages makes it difficult (if not impossible) for many young adults to find a place of their own to live, while elderly people are also finding it more worth their while to move in with their children than to fork out the exorbitant costs associated with senior living facilities.

So, if you’re preparing to remodel your home to make it more suitable for multigenerational living, you might wonder what features or ideas you should implement within your space. The most important considerations to keep in mind are ensuring the privacy, safety and comfort of whoever’s living in your home, while also making sure they have some level of independence (particularly important for seniors).

Here are some features for you to include. Many of these remodeling ideas for multigenerational uses afford you the opportunity to implement some natural wood construction in your Utah home!

  • Easy entrance: If you’re remodeling your home with senior residents in mind, make sure you have smooth entrances on the ground level without stairs. They should be able to accommodate seniors with wheelchairs or wheeled walkers who might otherwise have difficulty getting up and down the stairs every day.
  • Slip-resistant floors: Any floor surfaces you have should be stable and slip resistant for the safety of senior residents or those with disabilities.
  • Finished basement: A finished basement is a great way to transform a lesser-used part of your home into a livable space for a younger person who might be living at your home with you. The finished basement could include a full bathroom, as well as soundproofing insulation in the ceiling to keep down noise. Note that there are local building codes you may have to satisfy if you are to use the space as a bedroom, but at the very least it will provide you with more usable living space.
  • Kitchen remodels: Adding more people to your home can make working in the kitchen rather hectic. You might find you need more space to store more food, or for multiple people to prep meals at once. A designer can work with you to help you determine the best features to incorporate in your kitchen remodel.
  • Additional entrances: Having a second entrance that can serve as a “front door” for the other person or people living in your home can be a nice way to create a sense of privacy and independence for everyone in the household.
  • Additions: Additions can give you a blank slate to work with if you have the space on your property. You can use an addition to create a new bedroom or suite, and give live-in family members more privacy and a space to call their own.

For more information about some of the best ideas you can implement when you’re looking for multigenerational remodeling ideas in Utah, contact Huberwoods today. We’d be happy to give you some additional options!

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