Rustic Furniture Ideas Using Lodgepoles

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Lodgepoles don’t have to be used only for structural purposes! There are a lot of projects where you can take advantage of the rustic appeal of lodgepoles, particularly in the world of furniture.

Here’s a quick look at some rustic furniture ideas you might try implementing yourself if you’re a Utah woodworker. Otherwise, you are certain to find these types of furniture items anywhere you can find rustic furniture collections!

  • Benches: There are a variety of types of rustic benches you can make using lodgepoles. Create simple, Leopold-style benches for your yard, benches that are ideal for decks or porches or even rocking or swinging benches that will really amp up your relaxation.
  • Chairs: There are many different types of chairs you can create with lodgepoles, from very simple to complex artisan chairs. You can create a rocker, or an upright chair ideal for sitting on your deck.
  • Patio furniture packages: You can use lodgepoles to create entire patio sets, featuring chairs, benches, end tables, coffee tables or dinner/picnic tables, depending on the layout you’re looking for with your patio set. If you wish, you can even design the chairs or benches for your patio set in such a way that you can attach cushions to them to make them more comfortable.
  • Bunk beds: The structure of bunk beds involves the heavy usage of beams and joists, and lodgepoles make for an ideal material for that sort of construction if you’re looking for a more rustic appearance. You can even use lodgepoles to create the ladder leading up to the top bunk!
  • Bookshelves: There are a variety of ways you can implement lodgepoles into the creation of shelving. While you might not be able to create an entire bookshelf using only lodgepoles, they can certainly be featured in the design, accenting certain features of the shelf or serving as molding.
  • Beds: You can use lodgepoles to create rustic beds, including headboards, footboards and frames. This is ideal if you have a cabin or mountain home—it’ll put the furniture right at home amidst its environmental surroundings.
  • Dressers: If you’re creating a bed out of lodgepoles, you might as well create a dresser or nightstand with them as well! There are a variety of ways you can implement lodgepoles into dresser and nightstand design. Get creative and see what you can come up with!
  • Decorative features: There are a lot of opportunities for you to use lodgepoles as decorative features in your home. Use them as railings or banisters, add them as decorative joists or supports in certain areas of your home, use them in the creation of floor lamps, make fireplace mantels out of them or use them for creating door frames. There are limitless options for how you can implement lodgepoles in your home to develop a more rustic appearance.

These are just a few ideas you might consider implementing if you’re looking into creating furniture with lodgepoles in your Utah workshop. For more rustic furniture ideas, contact the team at Huberwoods today.

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