How to Make a Teepee for a Child

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Do you have a little one who loves to build forts, curl up with a good book or create their own imaginary worlds? A cute teepee can be the perfect private space or play space for your kids to enjoy. If you plan on building a teepee for kids at your Utah home, here’s how to do it the easy way.

Gather your materials

Child teepees are cute spaces for your young ones to relax and let their imaginations run wild. As you plan your teepee project, you need to start by selecting the right materials. You’ll need at least five wooden rods that are six feet long or more, rope and a drill to create the frame. For the covering, select some sturdy fabric. If you plan on setting up the teepee in the backyard of your Utah home, you’ll need coated canvas that resists mold and mildew. If you’re setting it up inside, untreated canvas works fine. You’ll need at least 4 ¼ yards of 57” to 60” sturdy fabric.

Build the frame

Gather your wood rods, rope and drill and start putting the frame together. Drill holes in each rod, about 10 inches from the top, then thread the rope through the holes so all the rods are connected. Stand the rods up and arrange them in a teepee shape, then wrap the remaining rope around the rods very tightly. Once the rods are standing up and the frame seems stable and even, tie off the rope and cut off the excess.

Create the fabric covering

Once you’re satisfied with your frame, measure each side of the frame so you can create the fabric covering. Find the height measurement by measuring the length of the angled rods. Then find the distance between two rods where the top of the covering will rest, as well as the distance between the same two rods at the bottom. Cut each panel from the fabric you’ve chosen, but be sure to add a seam allowance just to be on the safe side. Sew it all together and create a ½ inch hem on both the top and the bottom. Make sure to sew slits at the top for the rods to rest in and cut a slit in one of the panels to serve as an entry.

Set it all up

Now it’s time to put the teepee together. Lay the structure on the ground and simply thread the rods through the slits at the top of the teepee covering. Once the covering is in place, stand it all upright and space the rods out to form the structure. Customize the entryway of the teepee by adding loops and buttons so that you can pull the door flaps back. Add plenty of pillows and blankets to the interior and your child’s teepee is complete.

A teepee for kids is a fun feature to add to your home in Utah. It’s not hard to build one of these adorable structures from scratch as long as you have the right materials. Contact Huberwoods today to learn more about creating a custom teepee for your special little ones.

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