Our Top Teepee Setup Secrets

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Teepee setup is a crucial part of your camping excursion. A quick and easy setup can create a more enjoyable experience. Using helpful teepee secrets like those below can also provide more stable sleeping quarters and prevent unnecessary camping hassles. For quality and efficient teepee setup in Utah, try these tips:

  • Use the right equipment: Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference, and this certainly holds true for teepee setup. For a stable campsite, use strong, T-shaped stakes made of heavy-duty plastic. Also bring about 50 feet of parachute cord to use as needed.
  • Keep it flat: As you choose a site for your teepee setup, look for a flat campsite that offers good drainage. Be sure to use this tip even if you don’t expect rain.
  • Start at the corners: Don’t try to erect the pole first. Start by spreading out the teepee on the ground, then stake the corners. Once this is finished, unzip the door and put the pole in position.
  • Use hiking poles: If you’re carrying your camping gear over a long distance, you might want to save weight. Instead of packing the center pole, try using a pair of hiking poles that can connect to form one long pole. Try this out before you set out on your journey to make sure the poles create a single pole that is the right length.
  • Use a tie-up method: Another tip to avoid using the center pole is to simply tie your tent to a branch to hold up the center. Or, string a line between trees to hold up the center of the teepee.
  • Brace the pole: If you decide to use the center pole for your teepee setup, brace it so it doesn’t sink into the ground as you sleep, which will cause the walls to sag. Place a piece of wood or a flat rock under the pole to keep it above ground.
  • Use “deadmen”: If you’re camping in snow or loose sand, you need some good teepee secrets in Utah to get those stakes to stay in place. A good tip is to use deadmen. These are sacks filled with snow, rocks or sand. Simply tie these sacks to the stake loops and bury them to hold your teepee in place.
  • Use quality poles: It’s worth investing in quality equipment to make your camping experience more positive. Not all poles are created equal. Be sure to purchase quality teepee poles from an established company you can trust to deliver reliable equipment.

A brand you can trust

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