How to Care for a Wood Fence

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A wood fence is a significant investment for a property. It can add beauty, privacy and protection. However, these fences tend to rot away over time. So, what can you do to make your investment last longer? What do you need to know about how to care for a fence in Utah? Try these tips to keep your fence in top shape for as long as possible:

  • Choose the best wood: If you’re building a fence, choose cedar or redwood for your construction material. These two species of wood are best able to withstand the elements. As your fence is exposed over the years to harsh moisture and temperatures, it will hold up better if it is made of these types of sturdy wood.
  • Use pressure-treated posts: The posts of your fence should be pressure treated. Because they will be placed in the ground where they will be exposed to insects and moisture, they should be pressure treated to resist bug infiltration and water damage.
  • Preserve the wood: To protect your wood fence from precipitation and sprinkler water, apply a wood preservative to seal the material. This will help prevent rot. If you’d like to coordinate your fence color with the exterior of your home, you can seal it with an exterior stain. These are typically available in a variety of shades. Keep in mind that if the wood has already been pressure treated, you don’t need to seal the fence.
  • Keep it dry: Of course, your outdoor fence will be exposed to the elements. However, if you can prevent sprinkler water from adding additional moisture to the fence, this will help prevent rotting of the wood, since spraying the fence frequently with sprinkler water will make the wood rot faster.
  • Clear vegetation: Vines that grow on your fence or other plants that grow nearby can encourage rot. The vegetation keeps the wood moist. To extend the life of your fence, cut away any growth on or near the wood.
  • Avoid weight: For best results as you’re caring for a wood fence in Utah, avoid placing weight on the fence. The less weight there is on the wood, the better. While potted plants and other décor may look attractive, this additional weight hanging on the fence can shorten the life of the wood.
  • Have realistic expectations: Know up front that no fence lasts forever. Even when you are properly caring for a wood fence in Utah, it will probably only last 10 to 15 years. After about one year, it will probably warp and split in a few places as it dries. It may also start to lean after five to eight years.

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