Choosing Lodge Pole Fencing

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When you’re considering a new fence for your property, consider all the benefits of lodge pole fencing. This is a durable, low maintenance form of fencing that’s great—particularly for surrounding expansive properties. They’re also suited for securing livestock and horses. These sturdy wood fences will fit almost any landscape. Let’s look at the benefits of outfitting your property with a reliable lodge pole fence.

Benefits of lodge pole fences

Lodge pole fences are best for rural areas and ranches. They offer flexibility and have many types of applications, such as:

  • Farm fences
  • Estate fences
  • Livestock fences
  • Decorative fences
  • Front yard fences
  • Equestrian fences

They also look great as front yard decorative fencing or surrounding a property. Here are some ways that lodge pole fences stand out:

  • Low maintenance: You can install lodge pole fencing and simply forget about it. If you want to, you can add weatherproofing every few years; however, this isn’t essential.
  • Inexpensive: The goal with lodge post fencing is to secure a large amount of property, which is why farmers and ranchers have favored them for generations. They’re a low-cost alternative to other forms of fences.
  • Durability: Because of the rugged terrain lodge post fencing is often used in, it needs to be highly durable. With a high-quality lodge post fence, you won’t need to check on it regularly. These fences are built to last.
  • Aesthetics: Lodge post fencing has a classic and rustic look. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants their property to have a rustic appearance.

Options for lodge post fences

Many homeowners choose to stain their lodge post fencing. Popular options for staining include:

  • Waterborne: This is used for residential, commercial and industrial structures.
  • Creosote: This stain is most frequently used for railroad ties, timbers and guardrail posts
  • Oil-borne: Also known as penta, this stain is used on utility poles and crossing arms.

You can also choose the number of rails that you want for a lodge post fence, with two- and three-rail being popular choices. Many fences also include a single or double gate, especially for those keeping livestock.

This kind of fence is customizable, so you can tailor the lodge post fencing for exactly what you need. From the height to the treatment to additional security options, you can make sure that your fence is what you’re looking for.

What to look for in lodge post fences

You want to start with a resilient, sound, durable wood that will last for years to come. If you don’t have the right wood, the fence is liable to be ruined by the elements. This can result in high maintenance costs and extra headaches replacing fencing.

That’s where Huberwoods comes in. We have decades of experience in logging and will build a fence that’s fit to your needs. We have the expertise to find the best lumber to use, whether you’re building a cattle fence or securing a rustic private lodge. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a free quote.

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