Tips for Extending the Life of Your Wooden Fence

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Wooden fences are a slice of Americana. Whether it’s their place in Mark Twain novels or their presence in the “American dream,” wooden fences have long been a feature many people want for their homes.

But because wood is an organic material, you might want to know, “What are some ways of improving the life of my wooden fence?” Luckily, there are some ways you can maintain your wooden fence that won’t break your back or your budget. If you’re wondering, “How can a wooden fence’s lifetime be extended?” then this article is for you.

Wait before you stain or paint it

This might sound counterintuitive, but if you purchase and install a new wooden fence, you shouldn’t paint or stain it right away. This is because the wood is often pressure treated with chemicals that should help keep moisture and bugs at bay.

Those chemicals need time to dry out, and staining or painting the wood when it’s not fully dry could seal in unwanted moisture. It’s best to wait about a year before staining or painting your wooden fence.

Fix damage promptly

If you see any visible damage on your fence, like warping, rotting or cracked panels, you should repair it as soon as you can. Waiting to repair your damaged fence can cause other related structural problems you’ll want to avoid. If you can’t perform the repairs yourself, don’t hesitate to call a contractor.

Perform yearly inspections

Sometimes damage to your fence isn’t obvious or even visible to the naked eye. That’s why you should perform detailed inspections at least once per year. Go over it carefully, section by section, checking any potential weak points like nails, screws and wherever boards come together.

As part of your inspection, you should evaluate the fence posts and check your fence’s alignment. If it’s leaning or warping, you’ll need to have it fixed.

Clean it every three to five years

Cleaning your fence regularly is a critical step to increasing its longevity. You’ll want to remove any external material that has accumulated on the fence, such as moss, dirt or mildew. You can use a hose and some soapy detergent or a bleach solution (20 percent bleach to 80 percent mild detergent) and a pressure washer for a deeper clean. This deep cleaning technique should not only remove mold and mildew, but should also prevent it from coming back in the future.

Reseal it or repaint it after cleaning

So, how can a wooden fence’s lifetime be extended? By resealing or painting it after you’ve cleaned it. Regardless of whether you decide to paint or stain your fence, you should let it dry completely in the sun for a week before applying anything. Then you should opt for latex paint or an oil-based stain.

Many people like staining their fence better because the application process is easier, and it requires less maintenance. When selecting a stain, make sure it has an ultraviolet inhibitor to prevent excessive weathering from the sun. When applying the stain, keep in mind that it’s thinner than paint and apply it accordingly.

Call for your wooden fence today

Now you know the answer to the question, “What are some ways of improving the life of a wooden fence?” For the materials to construct your own wooden fence, visit Huberwoods, where we’ve been offering logs for use in various projects for over 15 years.

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