Using a Teepee for a Child’s Nursery

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A woodland-themed nursery with a teepee is becoming a more popular choice for parents. Children love anything related to animals, and this is a decor theme that they’ll enjoy for years to come. Of course, the nursery will include all the usual elements—crib, rocking chair, changing table, dresser and bookshelf—but grouping these thematically will be aesthetically rewarding.

If you’re wondering about the best way to incorporate a wooden teepee for a nursery, then read on.

A playful nursery design

A teepee is a great way to add a sense of play to the nursery space. This is one item that will grow with your child long after they no longer need a changing table. When they’re able to crawl and explore, you can bet that they’ll be interested in the teepee. It can also be a great space for reading stories, coloring and engaging in pretend play. If you want to make it more cozy (it’s an ideal hideaway for naps!), add a few throw pillows and blankets.

Spark their imagination

Do you have fond memories of building forts and playing house as a child? The teepee fits into this perfectly. Just like that box that they’re so fond of hiding in, they’ll love this little escape that’s built right into their room. There’s an inherent magic about being inside this simple sheet of fabric that lets children remove themselves from their room and launch off into their imagination. Plus, when they do, us parents will get a break from hearing, “Can I have a snack?” ad nauseum.

Types of children’s teepees

You have a wide range of teepee materials and designs to choose from. Whether you want something colorful and magical or themed to a specific children’s movie or show, you can make it happen:

  • Canvas: This is a durable and easy-to-repair material that’s an ideal choice for your child’s teepee. Canvas is also an all-weather option, so if your child wants to do a backyard campout, it’s an easy transition.
  • Toddler teepee: For smaller children or those with limited space, you may want to look at teepees with a smaller footprint. These also have the advantage of being easier to transfer for kids who like to move their space from room to room.
  • Nursery teepees: Teepees are easily made into play gyms, pop-up tents and cradle bassinets. Because this is such a flexible item, it can start as a space for a baby and then be adapted for use by an older child.

You do want to think about the support structure for the teepee. For a durable, beautiful teepee that your child will enjoy for years, consider using real wooden poles. There are plenty of plastic and manufactured options, but these lack the character, resilience and longevity of wood.

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