Caring for Your Teepee

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If you love spending time outside, buying a teepee can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Teepees are a fun and unique way to camp for the whole family—but just like a fold-up tent, you’ll need to perform some basic maintenance to ensure your teepee lasts for as long as possible.

This post will cover everything you need to know about care and maintenance for teepees:

  • Keep it clean: You’ll need to keep both the teepee fabric and teepee poles clean. Mold and mildew (which are leading causes of premature teepee failure) tend to grow faster when a teepee gets dirty. A 50:50 solution of bleach and water works to clean most teepee fabrics.
  • Block UV rays: Along with mold and mildew, the sun is another natural enemy of teepee fabrics. Ultraviolet rays can break the fabric down in as little as one year, especially if your teepee faces the south. You can block UV rays by pitching your teepee in a shaded area and by treating it yearly with a UV fabric protector.
  • Improve ventilation: Another tip for proper maintenance for teepees is to keep the interior well ventilated. The mold and mildew mentioned above can grow on the inside of the teepee if it doesn’t receive enough airflow. Consider purchasing a solar- or electric-powered ventilator to keep air moving inside your teepee.
  • Remove snowfall ASAP: Make sure to knock off as much snow as possible from your teepee during the winter months. The heaviness from snow can stretch the fabric, necessitating premature replacement. If you won’t be using your teepee during the winter, consider packing it up and storing it in your garage.
  • Watch for high winds: A strong gust of wind can knock any teepee over. Be sure to stake your teepee poles deep into the ground, and close the smoke flaps when high winds are expected. These steps may help keep your teepee upright, even in gale-force winds.

Buy your teepee poles from Huberwoods

Your teepee should last for years if you follow our tips for proper maintenance for teepees. If it’s time to replace yours, be sure to get your teepee poles from Huberwoods. Here are a few reasons to shop with us:

  • Highest-quality woods: With over 20 years of experience, we know the perfect types of wood to use for teepee poles. When you come to Huberwoods, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best-available wood.
  • Strong partnerships: If we don’t have the wood you’re looking for, we surely know someone who does. We have long-lasting partnerships with many area suppliers, so you’ll always get the teepee poles you need.
  • Vast delivery area: Transporting heavy teepee poles isn’t an easy job for most of our customers. That’s why we offer delivery within a 300-mile radius across Utah.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t buy new teepee poles! Contact our team today to learn more about care and maintenance for teepees or to get a quote for new, high-quality poles.

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