Eight Tips to Stay Warm and Cozy Inside Your Teepee

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True outdoorsmen don’t just camp in the summer when the temperatures are high—they’ll head outside in any season to do some camping. If you’re one of those folks and you’re camping in a teepee, staying warm should be one of your top priorities.

Continue reading to learn a few things about staying warm inside a teepee:

  • Set up a teepee-safe heater: Our top tip for warming yourself up in a teepee during the winter is to buy a heater for your teepee. There are plenty of portable heaters out there designed specifically for camping that are generally safe to use in a teepee. We advise running it before bed to heat your teepee and turning it off before hitting the hay.
  • Buy mylar blankets: Also known as space blankets, mylar blankets are lightweight and keep users warm by reflecting heat backward. You can wrap yourself in a mylar blanket for the night, or you can tape them to the teepee walls to help keep your teepee warm.
  • Use a temperature-rated sleeping bag: Mylar blankets might not cut it on those bitter winter nights. Instead, you’ll need a high-quality sleeping bag. Buy a sleeping bag designed for cold-weather camping that’s rated for zero-degree temperatures.
  • Dry out your sleeping bag: A sleeping bag won’t help much if it’s wet. Right after you wake up in the morning, hang it up or roll it up from feet to head to remove as much moisture as possible. This quick chore will ensure your sleeping bag is ready to use as soon as it’s bedtime.
  • Keep your tent ventilated: It sounds counterintuitive at first, but ventilated teepees keep you much warmer than a teepee that’s completely sealed off from the outside air. Body heat and breath can cause condensation buildup inside poorly-ventilated teepees, making everything slightly damp and chilly overnight.
  • Choose a protected campsite: Staying warm inside a teepee starts with where you set up your campsite. Choose an area that’s protected from the wind, and avoid low-lying areas where cold air settles at nighttime.
  • Avoid air mattresses: We don’t blame you if you prefer sleeping on an air mattress to laying on the ground—but be warned! Air mattresses hold on to the outdoor air temperature, which can be brutal while camping in the winter. Be sure to insulate the air mattress with mylar blankets or sleeping pads.
  • Wear the right sleeping gear: You’ll sleep better at night if you bring the right clothes. In addition to only sleeping in dry clothing, consider wearing a knit cap and a thick pair of socks before climbing into your sleeping bag.

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