Why Is Redwood Considered the Best Wood To Use for Fence Rails?

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Putting up a fence can be expensive, it can be difficult, and it can be time-consuming. No one wants to put up a fence and look at it a few months later to see that it has started to break up and look less than perfect. Taking the time to find the right fencing material can make a big difference and help you build a fence that will last.

What Are Pressure Treated Wood Options?

Pressure-treated wood has undergone a special treatment that compresses the wood and helps reduce the overall probability that the wood will deteriorate or break down when exposed to the elements. The process is simple enough. The wood is put into a tank that is then sealed fully and then the air is extracted from the tank. This creates a vacuum that helps push the solution of copper, chromium, and arsenic into the wood to help further treat it.

This process can be used on any type of wood and can help to improve the overall durability of the wood to help keep it from rotting or breaking down when exposed to the elements. When asking things like ‘is pine good for fence rails,’ you can use nearly any sort of pressure treated wood for fence posts to help ensure that it is going to last and look great.

Why Does Redwood Performs Well For Fence Rails?

Redwood is ideal for fence posts and rails, especially when pressure treated, due to the natural resistance that redwood has to decay and rot on its own. This means that it will be a great wood that is less likely to break down, and when pressure treated, this resistance is even greater. That is not the only benefit, redwood is also beautiful. It is not only going to resist breaking down, it is also going to look great.

Redwood is a popular wood used for nearly any sort of fencing, from rail fences to plank fences and more. Redwood grows rather quickly, which means that it is a type of wood that is replenished easier. Redwood is also resistant to bugs and insects, rot, warping, and it is low maintenance and does not require a huge amount of upkeep to keep them looking great.

With a redwood fence that is pressure treated, you are also going to get that added level of protection for your fence. Redwood is a higher end option and will cost more than something like pine, but it will last longer, up to 25 years without a huge amount of work or treatment. These fences are going to last and are going to look great while they do it. If you want a fencing material that will last and look great, redwood is a wonderful option.

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