Why Use Lodgepoles for Wooden Fence Stays?

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If you’re constructing a fence stay, you want to use high-quality wood that will stand the test of time. Lodgepole use for fences is popular because of its low cost and rugged durability. These fences will prevent snow from ruining your hard work and spare you from expensive repairs. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using lodgepoles for wooden fence stays.

Lodgepole pine features

Lodgepole pine is a moderately soft wood used in a wide range of applications. Historically it was used for everything from railroad ties to teepees. Today it’s used for general construction, furniture, cabinetry and more. It’s also frequently used for all kinds of fencing, from split-rail to fence gates and jump rails.

This species of tree is found throughout the west coast of the United States. While they range widely in height—from short, shrub-like trees to those that tower over 80 feet tall—lodgepole pines are typically slender, rarely growing to more than 14 inches in diameter.

Lodgepole pine advantages for fence stays

Wooden fence stays are used as reinforcement for a barbed wire fence or to keep wire fencing evenly spaced. This prevents animals and other intruders from pushing through or damaging the fence. Sometimes wire braids are used for this job, but a wooden fence stay can perform the same function while lasting longer and enhancing the fence’s resilience.

With a rustic, strong wood like lodgepole pine, your fence will be designed to withstand the elements. Lodgepole pine is treated to be strong and weatherproof, yet is surprisingly lightweight. Installing these poles ensures that your permanent fence will last without the need for repairs for many years to come.

Wooden fence stays are a smarter, gentler way of maintaining the fence’s integrity. They’re also considerably more durable and ready for long-term use. A single wood fence will do the work of several braided wire strands—and often for a far lower cost. These fence stays will withstand inclement weather, animals, loose debris, human intervention and more. Not to mention the fact that your fence will look better with wooden fence stays, providing both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

When not to use wire fence stays

There are some cases where wire fence stays may not be an adequate solution, and wood will be a viable option. For example, wire fence stays aren’t strong enough to keep some large animals at bay. It’s also possible that a wire fence stay could result in fence deterioration if debris is trapped over time. In these instances, you’ll want to consider the benefits of lodgepole use for fences.

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