The Not So Common Names for Pole Fences

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Pole fences are a fairly common fencing type that works well in a large range of instances. We know about pole fences, but there are a few names for this fence that do relate to the construction of the fence. If you do not know what other things that a pole fence might be called, we are here to help, and we will explain why.

What is a Pole Fence?

A pole fence is a fence that is built with fence poles or posts that are set in the ground. Thinner rails are placed between the poles to create a fence that will not keep any small animals in, but creates a clear boundary and helps to keep larger animals in. There are a few different names for a pole fence, and you might be asking these questions: What is a western rail fence? What is a doweled wood fence? What is post and pole fence? and What is a post and rail fence?

The funny thing is, these names all refer to what is traditionally called a pole fence. These names resonate and are used because the pole fence is the type of fence that was most often used in the Wild West because it was quick and easy, and it was something that could be simply built with the materials on hand. The rails can also be referred to as dowels, and pole fences do use posts and poles and so on.

What is a fence pole called?

There are also a few different names that a fence pole might be called. They can be called pickets, a stud, milepost, shore, stock, or even a doorpost. The moral of this story is, there are likely a range of names for fences and for different styles of fences. If you are ever unsure about something, taking the time to really research can help you undercover the name of the fencing.

Pole fences are not typically used for keeping in small animals like goats or chickens, as they can easily slip under or through the fence. Rather, this type of fencing is often used to make the area look good, to clearly mark boundaries without building a super intrusive or large fence, and even to keep in larger animals like horses or cows. A pole fence is a great addition to your home or property if you want something that you can build yourself, build quickly, and be fun and easy to do.

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