The History of Log Furniture

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Historians believe that humans have been using log cabin shelters since 3500 BC. In the United States, early settlers found it necessary to start off with such structures but quickly evolved their homes into more elaborate dwellings. The westward expansion of the 1800s brought a renewed need for log homes and many other types of construction made of log, including furniture.

Early pioneers did not have much, but one thing they had in abundance was timber. Timber was necessary to their survival as it provided heat, cooking, shelter, and material to basically build anything they needed, including furniture for their log homes.

Early Log Furniture

The history of wooden furniture shows us that pioneer era furniture looked very much like the rustic log furniture you can buy today. One major exception being that the pioneers would not have had the many staining and finishing options we have today. Most log furniture would have been considered finished if it had been sanded down enough to be safe and smooth. Any type of staining or finishing would have been done using organic, natural substances applied to the wood soon after sanding.

The Appeal of Log Furniture

Log furniture continues to hold an appeal for people today. It is the perfect way to complete a rustic style and looks great in log homes and vacation homes. Another important aspect to the appeal of log furniture, however, is the longevity and durability of the pieces. Early pioneers and settlers built things to last. This tradition has been passed down to modern-day craftsmen who specialize in log furniture and accessories.

Reclaiming the Art of Log Furniture

There is still a demand for log furniture and accessories today. These items bring a sense of the comfort and calm of the forest right into the home. Log furniture construction is not a complicated art, but it can be a profitable one.

There are folk art centers and artists around the country who invest time each year into passing on the beautiful craft of log furniture making. Log furniture items serve as both expressions of artistic talent and as a profitable way to make a side income for those who wish to learn.

Most log furniture requires only an investment of quality logs, personal skill, and passion. Quality logs can be ordered from logging companies such as Huberwoods to create beautiful pieces of log furniture and accessories.

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