The Different Types of Firewood and Their Benefits

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Nothing is nicer on a cool evening than sitting around a warm fire either in your living room or outside using a fire pit. If you are going to make a fire, you will want to choose the right wood for it. As there are various types of firewood available, knowing which types of wood are best is important.

Why Is Choosing the Right Wood Important?

Choosing the right type of wood for your fire is very important as it can significantly impact your overall experience. With the right wood, you will get a great smell, enjoy a longer burn time, and even have less smoke and a better visual experience. Various types of wood, in particular, can provide you with a great overall experience.

Oak Wood

One of the most common types of firewood used today is oak firewood. As this wood is abundant all over North America, oak is a popular choice. With oak, you will get a long, slow burn that looks and smells great. As this wood tends to burn more slowly, it will not cost as much and you will not have to resupply firewood as frequently.

Maple Firewood

What is the best type of firewood to burn? Another great option to consider is maple firewood. With maple firewood that is properly seasoned, you will get a great smelling type of wood that will help create a calm atmosphere. This type of wood is also available all over the country, which helps to make it a more affordable option as well.

Ash Wood

The third type of firewood to consider using is ash. This wood is commonly found in the forests in the eastern half of North America and is commonly used as a fire burning wood throughout the United States. This type of wood is ideal as it can dry easily and is hot as hard, making it easier to split if you have an axe.

How To Prepare Wood for Fire

Once you have received the wood for your fireplace and stove, you will want to ensure it is properly prepared. Some tips to prepare the wood can include splitting larger logs into smaller pieces, keeping the wood dry, and keeping some wood indoors to ensure it is at room temperature before throwing it on the fire. These tips can help ensure the wood is prepared, and you have a smooth and even fire experience.

Having a nice warm fire on a cold night can be a great way to feel comfortable. If you do start a nice fire, choosing the right type of wood is very important. If you are wondering what’s the best firewood for you, there are various types of wood that you should consider when making your next fire at home.  

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