DIY Projects Using Small Logs

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There are many ways to add to the beauty and allure of your home. Some of those ways also include DIY log building projects for those who have basic carpentry skills.

Are you good with wood? Would you like to hear about small log DIY ideas? Then you will love these easy and beautiful log-building projects.

DIY Log Building 

There are many small log DIY projects that even the novice carpenter can complete without much effort or time. Here are a few of those ideas and a few wonderful ways to add a warm and rustic feel to your home or office.

Log Candle Holders

The size of your log candle holders can vary, but even a six-inch log can work for a small candle holder. Ideally, you want to find a log that naturally sits firmly and flat. 

Next, simply measure and bore out two or three candle holder spaces (depending on the size of your desired candles) in the log. Just be sure to treat the wood after cutting it.

Branch Coat Rack

Another easy and quick small log DIY idea is making a coat rack from heavy branches. Simply find and finish some attractive branches to use for the hangers. 

Next, either using an old pallet or small logs, build a small frame and attach the branches. That’s it, and now you have a vintage and stylish coat rack for your home.

Log Book Ends

Log book ends are a quick and easy idea that also adds to the appeal and beauty of your bookshelf. Start by cutting a three to five-inch log slice in half. 

Be sure to sand and treat the wood as it will be against books and handled occasionally. The size and shape of the log slices are optional, and the wood can be stained after cutting if preferred.

Wine Holder Log

This small log idea is as simple as boring a few holes in a log. Find a fairly straight three or four-foot log that can sit upright. 

Next, bore three or four holes in the log deep enough to securely hold your wine bottles. Remember to bore the holes to have an upward angle to prevent the bottles from sliding out.

Here for All Your Small Log DIY Projects

If you need help or log materials for your next small log project, then Huberwoods can help. Serving Lapoint and the surrounding area for more than 20 years, we are your logging contractor for all your log project needs. Contact us for all your log supplies, and let us help you build it today.

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