Things You May Not Have Known About Teepees

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Many of us are familiar with teepees. If you are also like many of us, however, that familiarity only extends to perhaps having seen them on the landscape of some old western television show. So what kind of tipi facts are there that most people don’t know? We are glad you asked. Here is some interesting and historical teepee information that will make you more enlightened about the facts and the story behind them.

Fast Teepee Facts You May Not Have Known

From the history of teepees to curious and lesser-known teepee information, here is a quick look into the world of teepees.

Spelled "Tipi"

The word teepee, as we commonly spell it, derives from the word "thipi," of Lokata origin. It is most closely translated as "they dwell." Regardless of how we spell it, teepees, in some form, have been the homes of different societies since the beginning of time and are even mimicked today by young children.

His and Hers

If you were wondering how the men and women decided who got what space, or if there was a his and hers sidethe answer is they would often split the teepee into gender sides, although this isn’t known to be a practice among all teepee inhabiting cultures.

A North American Uniquity

While many structures mimic or share similarities, the teepee is truly a North American oddity. Yes, unique to North America, no other culture is recognized as using the tipi’s three-pole design and structure.

Excellent Warm Weather Housing

Teepees can be heated during the winter and in colder months, but the real charm of teepees is the ability to stay cool during warmer weather. As a result of its design and shape, in correlation with the spacing between the ground and stakes, teepees create good natural drafting that keeps them cooler when it gets warm.

You Can Spend the Night in a Teepee

Now that we have discussed some of the history and unique teepee facts, you may wonder what it is like to spend the night in a teepee. The good news is many places offer overnight, weekend, and extended teepee stays throughout the country today. 

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