How To Properly Store Wood Outdoors

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Normally, you need firewood if you have a BBQ, fire pit, or fireplace. And where there is firewood, there should be efficient, tidy, and proper firewood storage. Throwing logs into a pile shouldn’t count as storage enough. Remember, wood is very susceptible to rain and snow.

Storing firewood improperly can create a breeding ground for small beetles, wasps, wood roaches, weevils, pillbugs, etc. These unpleasant creatures can make a cozy home in dead wood and wreak havoc on your porch, wood deck, home’s foundation, or other nearby structures. That isn’t what you want! Let’s see how to properly store wood outdoors. 

Stack Properly

You can use posts, pallets, or a log rack to stack your wood in rows across 2-5 feet tall. If your firewood isn’t ready to burn, you must stack it with the bark. This can make the moisture escape as needed.

Most importantly, stack your logs in an organized manner with the cut ends exposed. You should also stack your wood loosely for proper ventilation. Sunlight and ventilation are key to ensuring your firewood produces quality heat. 

Clean and Dry Your Wood  

Drying and cleaning your wood when it isn’t in use is important. Stacking your wood inside your home is inadvisable because most of them might carry termites, bugs, and other pets that nobody wants!

Rather, store the wood in your woodshed, garage, or a designated wooded area. Don’t stack the logs against your house. This will keep bugs and rodents away. Remember, if you don’t let the firewood dry out and age, it might cause ash and smoke in your house.

So, cover your wood outside to avoid moisture from snow or rain. However, uncover it during the warmer seasons, so it doesn’t collect moisture under the cover. Remember, wood needs to breathe, so keep the bottom of the pile uncovered for proper ventilation.

Normally, wood releases moisture through the end of the cuts. So, store the wood with the cut ends exposed to ensure it dries out. For example, create a single-row stack of logs whereby the cut ends face the front and back of the stack. And ensure each layer faces a different direction to enhance airflow. But remember, whichever way your cuts end face varies depending on your stacking method.

But, the most convenient and easiest way to store logs is to use a firewood rack. Racks are affordable, easy to find, and come in various styles and sizes that fit your preferences. They help keep your logs organized and off the ground, and they can help you stack your firewood easily. 

Your Wood Supplier

Hopefully, you now know how to protect wood outdoors. Do your best to keep your wood clean and dry for fancy fires during cold, chilly days.

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