Different Types Of Pine And How To Choose What You Need

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Different Types Of Pine And How To Choose What You Need

Whether you are a professional landscaper or simply looking to add some pine trees to your yard, there are many different types of this iconic tree. And it can be tricky to know which one is the best choice for your particular situation. There are many factors to consider, including soil type, sunlight exposure and pruning needs. But if you understand the basics of what each pine species is and how to identify them, you will be able to choose the right pine for your needs.

Soft Pine

Soft pine is a popular wood type for a number of purposes. It is a low-cost wood with an even grain that can be used for furniture and packing crates. It is easy to work with and takes finishes, oils, and stains well. However, it is not as strong as hardwoods and can be damaged by water.

Hard Pine

Hard pine is characterized by its higher density and uneven grain. This results in more abrupt earlywood to latewood transitions, and harder wood. Southern yellow pine is an excellent example of a hard pine, and is used for many projects. It is a good choice for outdoor furniture, fencing, posts and decks because it is durable, resistant to rot and mold, and is easily treated with preservatives.

Intermediate Hardness Pine

The intermediate hardness pine is a type of pine that has qualities found in both soft and hard pines, but is not as strong as those two groups. It has a more even grain and weighs significantly less than hard pines (average dried weights are between 28 and 42 lbs/ft3). These pines are also softer to work with, and often take clear film-building finishes better than harder woods. They are a popular choice for home-based furniture and craft projects.

Aleppo Pine

Aleppo pine is a hardy, low-maintenance tree that can be grown in many different settings. It thrives in full sun and does not require supplemental watering or fertilization. This evergreen tree grows to 15-25 m tall with a trunk diameter up to 60 cm (24 in). It has light green needles and reddish-brown, oval or oblong pine cones. In forestry, it is used in Mediterranean areas because of its ability to tolerate high temperatures and drought. It is also able to grow on poor soils that contain little depth and lime.

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