How Is Timber Graded?

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How Is Timber Graded?

There are many different ways that timber is graded. This blog post will discuss some of these methods and how they are used!

Timber Grading

Timber grading is a common way of classifying wood and it is designed to ensure that timber sellers obtain an appropriate price for their timber and that timber buyers get the material they require. The grading process involves determining strength properties of small, clear pieces of timber. It then groups these timbers in species or broader categories according to their lowest strength rating. These groups are related to timber stress grades specified for building applications and they are based on either visual or machine grading.

When a timber is graded into a specific class it will be given a figure known as the ‘characteristic’ or ‘design’ value. This figure will usually correspond to the characteristic bending strength, but may also include other mechanical properties. For some structural timber products, this figure is the only criterion for acceptance. In other cases, it is combined with other characteristic properties to define a design value, which can then be used in the specification.

Appearance Grading

Appearance grading is a method of sorting timber into different groupings by their structural properties. This allows a design professional to quickly and easily find the right timber for their project. There are a number of rules for appearance grading that allow knots and other flaws to be assessed. This allows the designer to ensure that the lumber they are using will last longer and perform as expected in the construction process.

As with mechanical strength grading, many parameters can only be determined visually. These include cross grain, growth ring width, checks, top rupture, compression wood, fungal attack, deformation, wavy grain and handling damage. The rules for this grading system were designed to avoid the conflict between a designer’s need to have a certain piece of timber and a supplier’s desire to sell that material at a fair price.

Machine Stress Grading

There are a variety of ways to grade timber. Some use machines to test strength, while others rely on visual inspection. These methods are used to determine the properties of different species, which can then be used for construction projects. The most common type of grading used in construction is machine stress grading, which tests the softwood dimensional lumber to determine how well it can bend. This is important because it allows builders to choose the best lumber for their needs and helps ensure a safe and stable building structure.

Machine stress rated (MSR) lumber is a type of wood that meets strict requirements for bending strength. This type of lumber is often used in roof trusses and glue-laminated beams. It also has certain appearance standards that are designed to meet specific purposes, like roofing and industrial flooring. MSR lumber can be used to replace concrete and steel in some projects.

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