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Modern Living in a Teepee

May 28, 2019 9:07 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Most people think that teepees are dwellings of the past, but the reality is that teepees can offer people a unique living arrangement without sacrificing modern amenities and necessities. Teepee living can be an incredibly positive experience for people who want to break away from traditional housing options and move into a space that enhances their quality of life and their connection to the world around them. Read on to find out more about how you can enjoy modern living while you’re living in a teepee! What to keep in mind while living in a teepee While living in a... View Article

Signs That Indicate a Wooden Log is Going Bad

May 14, 2019 8:05 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s always important to keep an eye out for signs of wet or dry rot in timbers, especially if you keep them outside. These types of rot differ in some ways, though have the same result in that they weaken the structural integrity of the wood in Utah. Dry rot is an infestation of a living fungus, while wet rot occurs as a result of the natural decay of the wood due to elevated moisture content. Dry rot is the much more serious problem between the two, and typically requires the use of a chemical fungicide to eliminate the fungal... View Article

Tips for Making a Fire Pit Inside Your Tipi

April 30, 2019 8:04 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It might feel a little dangerous to have a fire pit inside a tipi if you are unfamiliar with how tipis have traditionally been used. But the truth is people have been lighting fires inside these temporary homes for hundreds of years. The American Plains Indians used tipis widely as their primary living quarters, and would have fires in the center of them for warmth, food and for gathering around and sharing stories and memories. Designed for Fire Pits in Utah When you think about it, the shapes of tipis are perfectly conducive to having fires inside of them. They... View Article

Should a Fence Stay Be Repaired or Replaced?

April 12, 2019 10:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Try as you might, your fence won’t last forever, and this is particularly true for wooden fence stays in Utah. You have two choices when your fence stays break or begin to fall apart: you can either repair them or replace them. This post will help you decide when it’s best to fix it or when you should just buy a new one. When to repair Let’s start out with repairs. Here are a couple of examples of when repairing wooden fence stays in Utah is your best bet: If damages are minor or cosmetic: There’s certainly no reason to... View Article

Which Woods Handle Wet Weather Better?

March 29, 2019 10:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s no surprise that wood’s number one enemy is moisture. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried to start a campfire after a rainstorm or who’s tried building something with a warped piece of lumber! But did you know that different types of wood handle moisture better than others? Continue reading to learn which woods handle moisture the best, and which you need to avoid the next time you’re buying firewood in Utah: Mahogany: Durable and fine-grained, mahogany stands up to water really well. It resists shrinking, swelling and warping, which makes it an excellent option to build boats. As if... View Article